A while back when this was a trend to make in the kitchen, I watched endless videos on Youtube of people making Sauerkraut. I love pickles and anything pickled so I was intrigued by the process and interested in the benefits.

The origin of Sauerkraut goes back to China but is known to come from Germany. It is a fermentation process of freshly chopped cabbage. The fermentation process is what makes this side dish good for us; it is full of microorganisms that promote probiotic growth. This bacteria is super good for your gut health as it helps digest food and help your gut absorb vitamins and minerals.

How To Make Sauerkraut
You might see that for a cheap vegetable, a jar of this stuff is pretty expensive in the supermarket.

Buy 1 fresh cabbage (purple or white), slice it into thin strips. Place in a big bowl and sprinkle lots of sea salt (10g of salt for every 1 lb). Cover it. Then with your hands mix it all together and leave for half an hour then mix again and leave for another half hour. The Brine process has begun. Do not drain the brine, my first time making this, I drained the brine for some reason and was only left with a little bit of liquid. Grab a recycled jar (I hope you keep jars, i have a cupboard of recycled jars lol) Pour the brine into the jar. Now, time to add the spices.

Spices for that juicy eye rolling feeling

– 7 cloves of garlic (chopped)
– 1 tbsp mustard seeds
– 1 tbsp caraway seeds

Start adding the shredded cabbage into the jar and press it down with your knuckle, and pour the rest of the liquid on top. Leave in a dark cupboard right at the back for two weeks and then you can eat. The longer you leave the better.

Once the jar of sauerkraut finishes; don’t pour the liquid out. Keep for the next cabbage and a bit more of the spices if needed to be stronger.