Fried rice and Salmon

This recipe came to life with the last bit of veg left in my fridge before I head out for a food shop. I had a pot of cooked rice from leftovers so I chucked it all in and it was delicious. I know I say this all the time but this one is quick and easy to make. I’ll list the ingredients I used but you can use whatever vegetables you have or anything that is about to go out of date.

If you don’t have salmon you can substitute for chicken, tofu whatever you like. It’s super flexible. I would just focus on the seasoning for this one.

Ingredients (cut the veg into sizes you like, but remember the thinner/smaller the better): green beans, mushrooms, carrots (chopped into thin sticks like matchsticks, I don’t know how else to describe this lol), finely chopped knob ginger, 3 cloves of finely chopped garlic, spring onions, 1 chilli, asparagus, and I used salmon fillet. Lime and coriander to garnish at the end.

Seasoning: soya sauce 5tbsp, sesame oil 5 tbsp, black pepper and salt to your liking. I used 1 tsp of BP, and 1/2 tsp of salt because soy sauce is already salty. Japanese 7 spice for the salmon.

You want all your ingredients chopped and ready because this is quick you wont have time to chop whilst things are cooking.

Let’s Get cooking: place salmon fillets on baking paper in a tray, grate some ginger and garlic on the fish. Drizzle olive oil, and sprinkle the 7 Japanese spice all over the fish. Put in the oven 180C for 10 mins.

1) pour sesame oil in a hot pan (obviously this is better if you have a wok but I don’t and just used my regular flat large pan), I added the carrots first because they are going to take longer than the other veg to soften, then the green beans and asparagus, then the mushrooms, and the rest. I spiced the veg with black pepper, salt. Add the rice and mix till it’s all combined. Add the soya, sprinkle Japanese spice all over the pan. Taste it. Does it need anything? Add more. Add the spring onions at the end along with juice of a half a lime all over and chopped coriander. I like avocados with this plus it was super ripe so I just added it right at the end and sprinkled some sesame seeds for that extra extra. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Serve on a plate with the salmon and enjoy 😉.

My Home Water Birth

Just like every other birth story, I want to share mine with you hoping to inspire you and be excited about BIRTH! Yes, giving birth should not be something to be scared off. When I found out I was pregnant of course I was petrified and worried how am I going to get a baby out down there!! I knew I had some serious work to do on my mental health and prepare my body for these upcoming big changes. My midwife provided some guidance and was there if I had questions and supportive throughout my whole pregnancy. Living in the UK & having the NHS is truly a blessing. Their job is so rewarding and I salute the key workers in our country. However, there are some important things you are not told about. Such as how your core muscles will literally support and after birth you may have diastasis recti and what to do to bring them back together, how you will bleed for two weeks, your period might not come for a year, your pelvic floor and how you need to exercise to keep everything tucked in and start the healing process from inside (pelvic floor) etc. (I will be posting all about this in the future)

Hypnobirthing just made sense and it took away all my fears about birth. It shouldn’t be something we are afraid of. Nurses would tell me “your body is meant for this” “you can do it, millions of women have done it before you”. As grateful as I am to live in a country where we have free healthcare, the NHS is underfunded and the staff don’t have the time to baby spoon feed us all the information unless we ask. But I didn’t know what type of questions to ask! I just wanted to have general knowledge about pregnancy and birth. Doing all the research was so interesting to me. I was entering a new world and loving it at the same time.

My daughter was born during a pandemic and almost 5 months of my pregnancy was during COVID. I wasn’t really worried or scared about the situation. I just focused on looking after my health and doing the best I can to be understanding of the situation. What I mean by that is I wouldn’t get annoyed at anything or anyone because of COVID, I had less appointments, no chance of me attending natal workshops etc. I couldn’t see my midwife, some check ups were done over the phone. Actually, if it wasn’t for COVID I would have never considered a home birth. Funny eh? When I found out that birth at the hospital only allows one person in with you when your close to giving birth, I was like nah I need my family and husband with me from when my water breaks till the last push.

As you know, there is so much information out there and it can be overwhelming. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with information I didn’t need to process or thinking I need to know every information out there. At the beginning, this is what I started doing and it started giving me anxiety and I felt overwhelmed. In the end, I stuck to two main sources where I got most of my information from and practiced my breathing during my last trimester. I trusted these guys who I talk about below because I was practicing their method and it was working. I was super chilled and felt like I was prepared.

I had followed pregnancy related instagram accounts thinking that one day I will find this useful (anyone else do that?). I knew about hypnobirthing but not in detail. I looked more and more into it, purchased one book and the only book I read was “Hypnobirthing: Practical ways to make your birth better” by Siobhan Miller. The positive birth company have a youtube channel and ig that I followed and watched their workshops on breathing exercises, meditation, breastfeeding, and so on. I really wanted to give birth in water. The hospital closest to my house only had 2 or 3 & it’s you and your luck on having one available for you. So I started looking into hiring a birth pool to install at home. I found one online (this was so difficult because of COVID, a lot of women were giving birth at home lol) but I got lucky and someone cancelled their order and I was next on the waiting list. It was meant to be😊. It was a super easy process and once you’re done with it and you have deflated it back in the box you ring them for pick up!

Here are some of the reasons why I wanted to give birth in water;

– Water birth speeds up your birth (I was in the water for 45 mins only and within that 45 mins my daughter was born).
– It is a major pain relief so you won’t need an epidural (gas and air is good enough).
– When you’re in the water you are able to move and not lay on your back, this helps with the baby descend down the birth canal.
– The warm water helps your vaginal muscle relax, lowering the chances of severe vaginal tears.

Gravity will help you so much. Do not lay on your back. Think about it, you see animals on their all fours using gravity to help them deliver their babies, why should we lay on our back when it makes sense to be forward and upright?

Positive affirmations works!! Don’t doubt that… hype yourself up. Wire your brain to be positive and that no matter what happens you are still a superwoman for allowing your body to grow another human and delivering him safely into this world. You’ve done all the prep you can do and prepared yourself for your reality that anything could happen. Its about having balanced thoughts that your birth might go according to your plan but it also might not, your baby might breech, your way over due and you need to be induced (not a bad thing), and so on.

What Hypnobirthing did for me?

It taught me how to be calm about my pregnancy and to be calm during the birth of my baby.

It installed only positive thoughts around my baby and the birth experience to come.

It taught me breathing techniques when I’m in labour and how my breath will work with my muscles to get the baby out (no pushing required). If you think about it all you need to do is breath because your muscles are contracting and what they need is oxygen and blood supply. The flow of the breath is essential here. Breath IN for 4 OUT for 6.

It provided SO MUCH general knowledge about pregnancy, not just hypnobirthing. All about C-section (your abdominal muscles are not sliced through), different types of pain relief, side affects, recover time. Every scenario, method, and technique is in this book. Which is why I love it, i don’t have to look anywhere else for more information, it is all there. With positive affirmations, positive birth stories, detailed chapters about all the different types of birth.

It gives you hope and confidence that you can have THE most amazing birthing experience no matter what the outcome is (natural birth, c section, vaginal birth, scheduled c section, scheduled induction).

It prepared me mentally and physically for what was about to happen to my body. Everything you need to know is in this book. I highly recommend it!

There is also lots of helpful information about your 4th Trimester!


This book I read had everything I needed to know and I just worked from that information. I loved that in the book there was written positive birth stories of other women and that opened my mind that there are positive birthing experience out there and not the way it usually is painted in movies or in my family for that matter where a women is screaming her head off and that giving birth is a very scary thing. Let me tell you something, I gave birth to my first baby, and after getting all cleaned up and crying because of the intensity of emotions. I looked at my husband and I said “I wanna do that again. JUST LIKE THAT!” Don’t get me wrong, it was SO painful, at one point for like 30 secs I thought I was going to die but only because I lost control of my breath that was keeping me calm, I was making weird noises and the whole 45 mins (the second stage) was so intense and difficult but I took back control with my hubby pushing me through holding me, motivating me, telling me all the positive things I needed to hear in that moment. It was just insanely awesome. I felt really empowered and positive about my whole pregnancy and the birth which is something you don’t hear often. When I spoke about this feeling I almost felt guilty that I had a positive birth. But we shouldn’t feel guilty for this, and this should be what we hear more of. I believe hypnobirthing provides you with the right tools to use during labour for a smooth delivery. Can you believe that I didn’t scream?!! My two last contractions I didn’t push. I just breathed her out, literally!!

I had my partner be that person for me to bring me back and let me know I got this! But you can have anyone be there for you, a friend, a family member, your midwife.

I did ask my mum for guidance about her birth experience but she had 3 caesareans and that wasn’t an option for me. I was trying my best for a natural vaginal delivery. Manifesting my thoughts and picturing myself in the water having a fun time lol. She thought I was crazy and she told me she was ‘too posh to push’ I feel like that should be a slogan on a t-shirt lol. Back home and especially in the middle east, doctors push women to have c section since its more money for them. This is one of the reasons why I decided to share my story hoping that women and especially arab women feel confident enough to go through a vaginal birth if willing and able.


Because of COVID limiting everything; YouTube was a great platform I used to find helpful information about pregnancy, pre/post natal exercises, breastfeed, expressing your milk and videos such as that. I would look up an easy yoga flow for pregnant women on YouTube to help with breathing, baby positioning, pelvic flooring exercises (very important to do this when your pregnant and after). There was one midwife (doula, cause she’s from America SF) who has lots of videos on literally everything you need to know, from how to induce labour naturally, breastfeeding tips, what labour feels like (a big poo lol I know but it actually does) & a very important video to watch on how your partner can help ease your pain during labour and demonstrations on what he can do. Check her channel out here Bridget Taylor: Doula. Get your partners involved or someone you trust.

I should mention that obviously sometimes your birth doesn’t go to plan and complications arise from nowhere and you have to do what you have to do to get your baby out safely and not put the baby or you in danger. No matter what way the baby comes out, it is still an amazing achievement to be proud of. It should be an experience that you aren’t traumatised from. Women who give birth naturally are not better or should receive an Oscar award. NO! Women surviving 9 months of growing another human then going into labour for hours and days whether it was caesarean, natural or not. They are still amazing super heroes who are going to heaven! For some it is the only option because of complications or health related issues but what hypnobirthing teaches you is that no matter what; you can and should have a positive mindset and attitude towards birth. Thats what I love about it. It prepares you mentally that no matter what happens, it will be okay and your experience should be empowering and the rebirth of you as well as birthing a new lil tiny cute baby.

My personal advice for you is to prepare for every possible scenario that could happen during your birth. As well as educating yourself on all the terminology, what type of pain relief you would like, what the effects of it is, how you want to set the scene of your delivery room, what each method is – c-section, being induced, natural, epidural, having a sweep and so on. Obviously, it is good to have your birth plan and sticking to it and praying that it will all go to your plan but also be prepared it might not. AND that it is okay if it doesn’t go to plan, once you’ve prepared yourself mentally that changes may happen you will be able to deal with it all in a calmer way.

The narrative needs to change about birth and the positives needs to be discussed more. The negativity surrounding the topic of birth is NOT based on data either. So that is something to keep in mind. Despite the pain, it shouldn’t feel wrong to have enjoyed the physicality of birth. It is an amazing thing to go through and probably the most empowering for a woman, so let’s talk about that more.

Spinach Stew (VG/V). سبانخ و رز

This is a very simple winter dish that will last you a few days in the fridge. Less cooking is always a bonus, right? This can be made with minced meat or without. I replaced minced meat with minced quorn instead since we are veggie 80% of the week.


– Frozen spinach bag (otherwise you will need like 5 fresh bags of spinach that you will have to wash and chop)
– 2 onions (thinly sliced)
– 4 Cloves of garlic (finely chopped)
– Big handful of coriander (finely chopped)
– 1 teaspoon of lebanese 7 spices
– Sprinkle of salt (taste it obviously to see if it needs more)
– 1 whole juice of a lemon


– سبانخ مفرز
– ٢ بصل مقطعين رفاع
– ٤ثوم مقطعين زغار
– كزبرة
– ملقعا كبيرا من ٧ بهارات
– رشت الملح
– ١عصير ليمون

Fry the onions and garlic together in olive oil. Add the chopped coriander once you see the onions and garlic have turned into a golden colour, add the minced quorn (or minced beef if you want this option).
Add the bag of frozen spinach with the spices and salt. I added like a small mug of water and let it simmer for 20 mins. Taste it and see if you want to add more salt. Pour the lemon juice, mix and its should be done! I like mine lemony so I squeeze more lemon on my plate but that’s up to you and your preference.

Serve with rice (or quinoa if you are avoiding carbs).


A while back when this was a trend to make in the kitchen, I watched endless videos on Youtube of people making Sauerkraut. I love pickles and anything pickled so I was intrigued by the process and interested in the benefits.

The origin of Sauerkraut goes back to China but is known to come from Germany. It is a fermentation process of freshly chopped cabbage. The fermentation process is what makes this side dish good for us; it is full of microorganisms that promote probiotic growth. This bacteria is super good for your gut health as it helps digest food and help your gut absorb vitamins and minerals.

How To Make Sauerkraut
You might see that for a cheap vegetable, a jar of this stuff is pretty expensive in the supermarket.

Buy 1 fresh cabbage (purple or white), slice it into thin strips. Place in a big bowl and sprinkle lots of sea salt (10g of salt for every 1 lb). Cover it. Then with your hands mix it all together and leave for half an hour then mix again and leave for another half hour. The Brine process has begun. Do not drain the brine, my first time making this, I drained the brine for some reason and was only left with a little bit of liquid. Grab a recycled jar (I hope you keep jars, i have a cupboard of recycled jars lol) Pour the brine into the jar. Now, time to add the spices.

Spices for that juicy eye rolling feeling

– 7 cloves of garlic (chopped)
– 1 tbsp mustard seeds
– 1 tbsp caraway seeds

Start adding the shredded cabbage into the jar and press it down with your knuckle, and pour the rest of the liquid on top. Leave in a dark cupboard right at the back for two weeks and then you can eat. The longer you leave the better.

Once the jar of sauerkraut finishes; don’t pour the liquid out. Keep for the next cabbage and a bit more of the spices if needed to be stronger.

Yemeni Kabsa

Another great recipe coming your way. I’d like to point out that I am not from Yemen and never made this before but my husband is originally from Yemen and he said that it was the best Kabsa he has ever had. And trust me when I say this; my husband doesn’t hold back to tell me if the food i’ve cooked that day taste shit or good lol.

Your choice of meat is up to you, I would recommend to use oxtail or lamb because I love that juicy fat on the bone that that particular meat comes with. But you can have chicken, beef, lamb whichever. This meal can feed 4-6 people.

Ingredients I used:
– Oxtail
– 1 onion
– 2 Tomatoes
– 2 cups of rice
– Coriander
– Spring or red onion
– Pine nuts and cashews

Spice mix I used:
1/2 tbsp Coriander seeds, 1 1/2 tbsp black pepper, 1 tbsp salt (add more depending on taste), 4 bay leaves, 1/2 tbsp of black cloves, 1 tbsp of cumin, 4/5 cardamon, 2 black limes, 5 cloves of garlic or 1 tsp of garlic powder and 1 tbsp of cinnamon.
I put all these mixes in a pestle and mortar, beat them until powder form.

If you have a pressure cooker this shouldn’t take long, but I slow cooked the meat to get out all the goodness from the gelatine and fat on the bone. As oxtail is highly recommended to use as a bone broth. Chicken and other type of meat shouldn’t take as long as it took me with the oxtail.

I boiled the meat for 15 mins to get all that goo out and then drain the water and wash the meat from that froth. I then added rapeseed oil to the pot of meat and allowed the meat to glaze and go golden brown flipping them over equally. I add fresh water again and let it boil. The water should cover the meat completely. You can eyeball it with water. I didn’t use specific measurements. Add the spice mix from above and let it boil for a couple of minutes before letting it simmer for a couple of hours. Again you can speed up this process with a pressure cooker, or if you have chicken it won’t need couple of hours.
Add one whole peeled onion and 2 chopped tomatoes or 1 can of chopped tomatoes. You can wait and give the meat time to infuse with the spices by checking in on it, taste it, does it need more time? more salt? Check the meat if its soft and ready.

Rice time: Wash 2 cups of rice until the water runs clean and strain the water out. Then from the water that the meat has been cooking in, you will take that spiced up water full of beautiful flavour and natural fat from the meat to cook the rice in. 2 cups of rice can take 4 1/2 (or 5) cups of the water from the meat pot.

Once the rice is ready, I lay the rice out on a pyrex tray and put it in the oven for 10 minutes. Then I bring that back out and lay the meat on top of the rice pouring over more broth juice from the meat over the whole pyrex and back in the oven for 5 minutes. In the meantime, chop up some coriander and red onion/spring onions to garnish the dish with. Fry the pine nuts and cashews in butter until golden. Take the pyrex out and decorate with the nuts, coriander and onions.

There you have it! It is also good to have a salad on the side and yoghurt. Traditionally, there is also a homemade chilli sauce to go with this, but I didn’t make it this time round. But chilli sauce does make the dish even more amazing! Give it a go :).

Mussel soup for the winter

I just made this and I thought hey let me share it. This recipe is everywhere. It’s so simple and so quick. I got fresh mussels yesterday and straight away I placed them in a bowl of cold cold water. This way they can filter themselves and be super clean when I cook them the next day. I change the water every 6 hours I would say. When you do this, you will see the dirt when changing the waters.

What you will need; 1 onions, 5 cloves of garlic (both finely chopped) I used my mini food blender. Sauté in butter till brownish. Then add 1 tsp of chilli flakes (optional), 1 tbsp of tarragon, a handful of chopped parsley, 1 tbsp of black pepper and salt to taste around 1tsp is good. Let this process to happen for about 5 minutes. Add your crême fraiche packet in and juice of 1 whole lemon. Add around 2 cups of water. Simmer for about 15 minutes then add your mussels, cover for 10 minutes. The mussels should all be open 🦪, serve in a bowl because that soup is so so good and a slice of lemon to garnish. You can add pasta but currently I’m avoiding carbs.

Enjoy🤤 this is the only picture I took that I posted on my ig!

Royal Choco Prince dessert

A dessert that will become everyone’s favourite. It is simple, cheap and so easy to make. For months I’ve been working on a recipe that my family and friends loved the most! There are many recipes out there for this dessert and I think I tried every single one. After which, it left me with this delicious recipe that I am about to share with you. Minimal ingredients, washing up and cooking time. Let’s go!


100g of unsalted butter (melted), 3 heaped tbsp of your choice of cocoa , 1 tin of condensed milk, cheapest rich tea biscuit you can find & dedicated coconut (optional).

Method: break biscuits into small pieces in a bowl. In a medium heated pan, melt the butter, add the cocoa, and last add the condensed milk. Keep stirring until thick and all ingredients have combined. Add desicated coconut if you wish! Then pour mixture over biscuits. Give it a good mix and wait for it to cool. If you have a long tin you can use this but firstly layer down cling film and then pour the mix in because you don’t want it to stick to the pan .. once it’s frozen you are able to take it out easily and cutting a slice or two!


If you don’t have a tin that’s fine. You can still do it without by pouring the mix onto layers of cling film long enough to cover it all the way round like a sandwich then, twist the sides and roll it in the air so it’ shapes it into a log kinda thing!

Creamy salmon & king prawn pasta

There’s so many recipes out there for this fish but I guarantee you this is the one. I’ve tried a lot but this one was the one. It’s quick and super easy to make.

Ingredients; 7 cloves of garlic (minced/grated), large knob of butter, 284ml single cream, pasta (of your choice, I used the shell pasta to catch the sauce), grated zest of 1 lemon, salmon and/or king prawns, black pepper and salt to taste.

Method; first cover the filet of salmon in black pepper, salt, some chilli flakes if you like it a bit chilli and put in the oven. Then mince the garlic into small pieces, add it to a pot of melted butter, i like to add big pinch of black pepper & a sprinkle of salt. Then I add some dried parsley and mixed herbs. Sauté for a couple of minutes then pour in the cream. If you like it saucy get the big single cream pot. Grate 1 zest of a lemon. Let that simmer for 5/7 minutes. Whilst that is cooking, I bring half a mug of lukewarm water which I add a tbsp of cornstarch until it dissolves. This is what will thicken the sauce nicely. Pour into the pot, taste. If it needs more black pepper/salt go ahead and add. Cook the pasta, I like it al dente. Use some of the pasta water to add to the sauce to create more thickness and sauce.

Add the fish. take the salmon out and flake off chunks of it into the sauce pot. Also add the prawns. Start adding the pasta as well and mix

Serve on a plate with Parmesan & chopped parsley to garnish. Enjoy! I’m sorry for the lack of pictures but you know when you’re so hungry you just want to eat anything. Yeah that!

Lebanese Qatayef

I like to make this traditional Lebanese dessert for special occasions or if I’m really craving it and can be bothered to go through the effort. This is because it can be really tiring and just looooong in the kitchen. However, it really does taste great homemade if you follow this recipe ;). I read up a lot on this recipe online but couldn’t really understand the method, every site had different ashta (white filling) ingredients etc so I just called my mum and she gave me the best recipe and its super simple. You just have to be patient as it takes time. The following measurements are a lot and they are to be dished out around your family homes, friends, or given in charity.

Ingredients for the ASHTA (Ashta is the white filling (it’s like clotted cream)): 1 litre of whole milk, 300ml of double cream, 1 tbsp of sugar, and 5 tbsp of cornstarch. AND 1 tbsp of orange blossom and rose water.
Method: Pour milk first until warm. Grab a whisk. Add the sugar and cream. Then take some of the warm milk in a cup to melt the cornstarch (this is done so that it doesn’t clump when you add it straight to into the pot). Keep whisking and whisking until it becomes thick and your arm starts to hurt. Right at the end, add the orange blossom and rose water. Take off the heat. Whisk for another couple of minutes. Pour into a bowl to let it cool down and put it in the fridge. This should take around 30-35 minutes. Just keep going until the ashta is thick thick.

Whilst this is cooling in the fridge, we can prep the batter mixture for the mini pancakes.
Ingredients: 4 cups of plain flour, 1 cup of Semolina (smede), 4 and a half cups of water, 1 sachet of yeast and 1 tsp of Baking Powder.
Method: in the above order add the dry ingredients, then just mix until all combined. I used a hand blender to stop lumps from happening. 10 minutes before you pour the mixture onto a non-sticky pan you ADD the Baking Powder. During this 10 minutes; I left this to set in the fridge. The consistency is meant to be watery like pancake batter. It literally is like pancakes but mini.

Okay lets get to work. Now, heat a non-sticky flat pan and rub it with a tissue soaked in vegetable/sunflower oil or whatever oil. Using a jug to pour the pancake mixture to get a non messy perfect circle. Do a trial and see how long it takes to bubble and let it get golden on the bottom. I like them small to medium sized pancakes. Small are really cute and I usually count to three when I pour the batter. Once the pancake bubbles fully, remove it onto a clean towel and cover them with another clean towel. Do not flip the pancake, I repeat DO NOT. Just cook one side. L Do this until you’re fed up lol; or until the batter mixture is finished. I had a lot leftover so I put it in the fridge to make over the next couple of days.

Now that you have your mini pancakes, grab a seat and the ashta from the fridge and get to filling. Grab the pancake in your hand and a tablespoon in the other to fill it with ashta. Cup the pancake from one corner and pinch to close all the way to the middle. You don’t close it fully (you can if you want). Line them up on a nice platter/plate whatever you have in the kitchen. Then sprinkle some grounded pistachios on the ashta et VOILA. You have your QATAYEF. Repeat until you’re once again fed up, or done with the mixture.

We make a sugar syrup called ATER. This is 1 cup of sugar, 2 cups of water, squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a drizzle of orange blossom and rose water. You can also drizzle honey instead of this sugar syrup or nothing at all if you think this step will be too sweet for you.

If you want to be adventurous or do your own thing you can add your favourite nuts with the ashta such as walnuts, almonds, raisins. If you want to continue and close the whole pancake up you can. Do what you want… there are no rules to this! We put some dark chocolate spread in a few of them and it tasted amazing.

This dessert goes well with arabic mint tea or peppermint tea. I tried to explain this step by step and I hope it was clear enough. If not leave a comment and I will get back to you. I hope you love it and enjoy this traditional Lebanese dessert. Apparently it looks like cannoli. We can call it Lebanese Qatayef Cannoli.

The perfect salad for a spring weekend

This is super green and super delicious. I made this spontaneously and randomly it came out perfect. Here is the simple recipe for two people.

For the dressing (Put this all in a blender) :1 ripe avocado, 1 clove of garlic, 1 freshly squeezed lemon juice, a handful of fresh coriander, half a chilli or sprinkle some chilli flakes, 1 tsp of English mustard or American mustard, drizzle your fine olive oil, 1 tsp of black pepper and a sprinkle of salt. AND BLITZ TO A CREAMY PASTE.

I prepped the dressing whilst the pasta was cooking, you can literally use any pasta you have in your cupboard. Also, chop up 1 small red onion, some leafy greens you have in the fridge, open a can of tuna of your choice add all this including the dressing once the pasta has been drained and cooled down. Mix it well to eat or leave in the fridge for later.

And enjoy! You can take this to a picnic, a bbq, a gathering, lunch, after a dip in the sea, it’s so filling and yummy. I hope you make this and like it as much as I did.