The best Big Mac at home EVER!

So I may have made the best Big Mac recipe at home last night. It was out of this world! Every bite was the same. I didn’t create this recipe, it was posted about a year ago by Professor Green and Chef Gizzi Eerskine. I don’t know whether they created it or got it from somewhere else but credit goes to them. I changed a few things in the sauce like I didn’t add the sugar and extra gherkins and added Worcester to the “Big Mac” sauce.

Ask your butcher for minced lamb with a bit of fat (I like it at 30%+), I got half a kilo but you decide depending how many people you’re cooking for. You need the fat because FLAVOUR and juiceness.

Spice the meat: 1 tbsp of Salt and 2 tbsp of black pepper and mix really well. If you have Lebanese 7 spices add 2 tbsp too.

For the sauce: 3 tbsp of finely chopped onion. Soaked in boiling water from the kettle for 5 mins. Pour through a sieve and dry in kitchen paper. Put in a big bowl, add 200g of Mayo, 30g of ketchup, 30g of Dijon mustard, 3 pickled gherkins finely chopped, 1 tsp of smoked paprika, 1 tsp of garlic powder, 1 tbsp of Worcester sauce. Leave in the fridge for at least half an hour. (OPTIONAL: If you have sauerkraut Jar in your kitchen drizzle some of that water in it too)

I thinly sliced one onion, some curly lettuce, thinly cut tomatoes and gherkins for people to layer in their burger. Warm the buns whilst the meat is cooking and prep everything before hand so when the meat is cooked, you just assemble your burger and get messssyyyyy.

Obviously you must get brioche burger buns, I got mine from Aldi, seeded. For the meat prep you just wanna roll them into balls and with something heavy flatten the meat into thin patties. Grill on a hot pan for 4/5 mins each side (no need to add any butter or oil to cook the meat as there’s enough fat in the patties that will not let them stick to the pan) and just before you wanna take them off add a slice off American cheese until it melts.

This is how I layered my burger; on the base of the bun I started with the “Big Mac” sauce, meat, cheese, gherkins, onion, tomato, more meat with cheese, “Big Mac” sauce, more onions and close!

Serve with fries. Homemade preferably ☺️ I’m still thinking about the burger guys days later (it was so good) better than McDonald’s and you won’t feel sickly afterwards!

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