I’m Sara. I live in South Wales UK, with my little family (husband and my newborn daughter). I’ve created this space to share with you parts of my life and mostly what I cook up in the kitchen. Most of my recipes are made up on the spot. I like to cook intuitively and eye measuring everything. I’ll be honest with you, it is hard for me to follow a recipe.

I have special recipes that have been passed down in my family for generations. My grandma loved food so much and grew in Beirut. Some Lebanese would say that’s where the best recipes are, the most authentic and traditional out there.

Cooking is just fun and a way to express yourself and get creative with your spices. My husband is my critique and he will tell me if the food needs a bit more of this or that (in the nicest way possible, he’s the sweetest). As much as it annoys me when he does that, I learn more this way and basically stop messing up.

A little bit about me

Originally, I am Lebanese. However, I have lived in the UK for most of my life. My educational background is in Law. I finished my studies when I was 28, I had the choice to find a job or have a baby. I decided to have a baby as I felt it was the right time for me and now we are here, a pandemic year later and a wonderful baby girl that has begin her weaning journey. So far so good, I am loving creating recipes for her that are full of nutrition and super tasty.

I hope you enjoy my recipes and my blog in general. If you’d like to follow my mama page on ig (@sara_says__) for more baby stuff, go ahead.

For now, I wish you good health and stay safe x

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